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Introducing Bodyweight Kickstart, our highly effective weight loss program from Sweden. With over 3000 individuals achieving remarkable success, we're thrilled to announce its international debut. Keep an eye out for our upcoming app, complete with the program and training, launching in just a few weeks!



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The autumn is here and in Sweden (where we live) the days are getting shorter. The abscense of natural daylight makes many of us quite blue at this time of year. So, its really comforting to know that the latest medical studies shows that having muscles prevent you from getting depressed. This is how it works:

Having muscles, increaeses your level of an enzym called KAT. KAT breaks down a substance called Kynurenin. Kynurenine is a waste product and turnover of the hormones serotonin and melatonin and vitamin niacin. By itself, Kynurenine is inoperative but its decomposition products are neurotoxic, that is harmful to neurons.

If the Kynurenine reaches the brain, it might make you depressed. Since having muscles increases your level of KAT which breaks down Kynurenin and prevents it from making you feel depressed.

So - keep on working out - its really good for you!

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Bodyweight Training

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Bodyweight Training means using one's own bodyweight as the primary tool or resistance in training, hence the name Bodyweight Training. You can either work out only with the body, or with the help of a smaller training gear. We advocate bodyweight workout with Bodyweight® Training System. Common exercises are (among many others): push-ups, pull-ups, core exercises, dips and squats. All of these exercises you can easily do at home, at the gym or even outdoors when weather permits.  


Bodyweight Training a very flexible form of exercise in comparison to working with machines. You use your body and you can practice high-intensity, low-intensity, endurance training or strength training - you choose.

Before exercising, make sure you set up your Bodyweight Training System correctly, use the door anchor or the ceiling mount if your indoors and if you're working our outdoors you easily attach the straps on to any tree, light or goal pole or similar, just always be assure it can support your bodyweight.

If you haven't used the Bodyweight® Training System before, we recommend you to download our exercises, either from the website or in the app. If you don't have an iPhone you can download theWhite Guide where all the exercises can be found as well!

It is important to perform the exercises correctly, not only to avoid injuries but also to achieve the results you want.

The optimal way to get a good physical health, burn fat, lose weight, get fitter and build muscle is to combine different types of exercise, such as cardio exercise with strength training. Strength training is the best there is when it comes to strengthening your body and building muscle.

The benefits of weight training are numerous. You can do it almost anywhere, you minimize the risk of injury, improving your agility, balance, stamina and increases muscle strength. Exercise gives you even more energy and vitality. It also increases the energy consumption in your body so it helps your body burn that unnecessary fat we tend to carrie along.

You should train continuously for best results, so be sure to get active in some way every day. The best way to succeed is to see the workout and exercise time as some thing that you deserve. Its not a punishment, its a reward, to have the time to nourish your health!

Why not start training hard and discover how fun it is, especially when you start seeing the results of what you do.

Think of the big picture, workout and train hard, eat healthy and nutrional and be sure to rest in between. It will do you good! Fitness and Exercise is important for everyone. To have more energy, feel better and live a healthy life gives better quality of life. 

Good Luck!

Our shop is Certified

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In Sweden we like safety in every way. We try to shield us from everything in every way we can. So its no wonder that we in Sweden have created something called "Trygg E-Handel" in English "Safe E-Commerce".  It's a really good thing! 

Companies can apply to this organisation and if they pass all the regulations and fullfill all the requirements - they get to be Certified. We want all our clients to feel safe and secure when they buy their stuff from us - so we are proud and happy to say that we got certified!

Safe E-commerce provides security to all consumers who want to shop safely online. Initiatives to Safe E-Commerce was taken to increase consumer awareness of their rights when they shop online and at the same time require e-retailers to make it clear on their websites about the conditions for dealings with them. 
Several major consumer organizations in Sweden have been involved in drawing up guidelines for Secure E-Commerce, which ensures that the quality label provides security for all who want to shop safely!

Time for Outdoor Workout!

written May 21, 2014 av Anna-Maria Båth

The summer is here and it’s about time (if you haven’t already started) to take your Bodyweight Training System with you and do some outdoor training!

When you do your outdoor workout you get sunlight, vitamin D and fresh air at the same time, which is good for both body and soul. By exercising outdoors you become happier, more energetic and healthier. It also gives you more energy, it relaxes, it makes us more positive and additionally outdoor workout makes us feel less angry, annoying and tense then when you're training indoors. Maybe you think we made all this up? Oh no, this is hard fact from a study made by researchers from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry*

So – what are you waiting for? Bring your Bodyweight Training system with you to your local park, high school, beach or even your backyard! Grab your Bodyweight band and head into the great outdoors.

With your Bodyweight Training System you have all you need for a successful workout outdoors. You can easily attach the straps on to any tree, light or goal pole or similar, just always be assure it can support your bodyweight.

For optimal use, choose a workout area roughly measuring 2,5 meters (8 feet) long by 2 meter (6 feet) wide. Always be sure you're on a flat, non-slip surface, so you don’t hurt yourself. For best results use an overhead anchor point that's about 2,5 meters off the ground and strong enough to support your own bodyweight.

Start by wrapping the anchor band around the anchor point. Attach the straps by using the carabiner. Use the buckles to slide the straps. Attach the handles and the Bodyweight Training system is ready to use! Always remember to weight-test your bands before using it by pulling hard on it.

GOOD LUCK, hope to see you out there!


*Does Participating in Physical Activity in Outdoor Natural Environments Have a Greater Effect on Physical and Mental Wellbeing than Physical Activity Indoors? A Systematic ReviewEnvironmental Science & Technology, 2011,

New Workouts on our Bodyweight App

written May 19, 2014 av Anna-Maria Båth

We've added new workouts on our iPhone App! Right now you can find a variety of workouts to choose from. There are, among other things seven different "Bodypart Wokouts" where you train one muscle group at a time for ten minutes, you have several different "Total Body Workouts" which gives the whole body a real workout. 

Cecilia Folkesson                            Karin Haglund

Completely new are also categorized Celebrity Workouts. There you'll find Bodyweight Workouts made ​​by celebrities. First up are two of the biggest bloggers in Sweden, Cecilia Folkesson, nutrition counselor who writes about natural food, health, and especially training and Karin Haglund, health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, author and raw food motivator and spokes person. 

Cecilia is pregnant and has created her own workout routine especially for pregnant women. Karin has focused on a Full Body Start Up workout suitable for everyone! For those of you who haven't downloaded the app yet - Click here >> .

Good luck with your training! 

Superhuman Bodyweight Workout

written May 18, 2014 av Anna-Maria Båth

Wow - what else is there to say? I'm so impressed I nearly fell over - take a look at this guy!


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