Bodyweight® products have changed the way people exercise. Here are comments from people all around the world who experienced a dramatic improvement in their training results since they started using Bodyweight® products in their workout routine. 

Mark Hesse, Orebro, Sweden. Dr. of Chiropractic
"I have been a chiropractor since 1985 and I´m well aware of the need to individualize patients' movements and training, according to their own ability. I have had the opportunity to test Bodyweight ® training system and I think it works really well! I see the possibility that to use it as a tool for rehabilitation but of course also for regular workouts. I really like the risk of overloading is basically non-existent, unlike so much other exercise today."

Feliks Klein, Torrevieja, Spain. European Champion Kickboxing 2010
"As a professional boxer I have to be strong, fast and smooth. Once up in the ring it's serious business. I don´t take any risks with my training, I train hard and do what it takes to get me the results I need. Thats why I use Bodyweight ® training system as a part of my training. " 

Christin Santana, Borås, Sweden. PT and motivator
"I have always trained hard and exercise is clearly a lifestyle for me. I have previously owned and operated my own gym. Today I combine my interest in healthy eating and exercise by working both on rawfoodcafeet and my work as a PT. Sometimes I have difficulty keeping up with, or prioritize my own training. I like Bodyweight because I like to combine high intensity training with muscle strength. With my Bodyweight®, I can perform tough and effective workouts - in a short amount of time"

Yvonne Firth, Vista, San Diego, USA.
Housewife, mother and active grandmother
"I never exercised much. In my family, it is my husband Greg who has done everything from surfing to hang gliding. However, the last years I´ve felt a need to exercise to stay in shape. Going to the gym here is expensive and there are no facilities close to where we live. Therefore, I have begun training Bodyweight ® training system and I really like it! I also like the fact that Bodyweight® is easy to set up and easy to use. I do my exercises and it gets me results!"

Jerry Gladh, Markaryd, Sweden. Adventurer and mountain climber
"I want my workouts to be hard, I have to cope with a heavy load for a long time. Using Bodyweight ® training system, I can easily regulate how hard I want to work out and maximize impact, even on short duration workouts."