The Story of Bodyweight®

The story of Bodyweight® started by an event that could have ended quite differently than it did. On February the 17th, 2013 me and my wife were on a trip to Santa Monica, CA, and  were involved a car accident. We were hit by a taxi at the intersection of 4th Street and Broadway. Our car stood still, waiting to turning left, when a taxi drove straight into the right side of our car. Unlikely enough, we were able to get out of our wrecked car without a scratch.

Because of the accident, I suffered from whiplash injuries which initially limited me in my daily lives. I therefore, immediately after our return home from the trip in the USA, contacted a naprapath. The naprapath directly started my treatments using band training, also called suspension training. Bandtraining involved static straps that hung from the ceiling and was used during both the treatment, rehabilitation and regular exercise. I previously had practiced everything from weight lifting, gymnastics and tennis, but from now on I just focused on practicing with these bands.

During my treatment and training, I used the bands all the time and soon discovered that there were improvements to be made, I simply saw an opportunity of product development for the bands.

I'm a self-employed and just like most other entreprenurs I have a limited time to spend on my own training. I were pleasantly surprised to discover that this new form of exercise was so effective. Both in terms of how little time it consumes but of course the results I got.

I have experience in running profitable companies, business development and effective marketing and I used my knowledge and experience here. Thus began the development of my own product Bodyweight® Training System. I have developed the technology and performance of older band training equipment, improved the technology to a new level and created Bodyweight® Training System.

I'm confident that Bodyweight® Training System is a concept for everyone. Whether you're physically fit or a beginner when it comes to training, whether you are young or old - everyone can use Bodyweight® Training System. Simple, fast and secure.

Kennet Bath