Love Functional Training!

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Anna-Maria Båth

Functional training is a popular form of exercise that has the intention of making your body more functional.  Functional training involves exercising your flexibility, balance and coordination skills by activating many different muscles simultaneously.

Functional training is different from other workouts in different ways. An example of how functional strength training differs from traditional weight training, bodybuilding, is that in traditional strength training you train one muscle at a time. The traditional way isolates one or two muscle groups and train them in one specific exercise. In functional training  the goal is to achieve a functional body using natural movements that involves many muscle groups simultaneously.

By not working in fixed machines but instead train with a Bodyweight® training system your training becomes more functional. When you use the bands you activate so many muscles in your body to perform, without even thinking about it. Your balance and your posture is trained automatically while you focus on doing strength exercises.

With age comes not only wisdom and experience, but also undesirable things like stiffness and decreased strength. But - it need not be so. Using functional training can help people maintain both balance, strength and agility, well into old age.

Using Bodyweight®, you can easily perform functional training, where ever you want. There are a variety of exercises that builds up your body in a way that you empower yourself that benefits you not only aesthetic but also functional. The exercises can be downloaded from the App store,  or watch them on our YouTube Channel.

Whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, you can use Bodyweight® effectively and safely.