New Workouts on our Bodyweight App

Posted on May 19, 2014 by Anna-Maria Båth

We've added new workouts on our iPhone App! Right now you can find a variety of workouts to choose from. There are, among other things seven different "Bodypart Wokouts" where you train one muscle group at a time for ten minutes, you have several different "Total Body Workouts" which gives the whole body a real workout. 

Cecilia Folkesson                            Karin Haglund

Completely new are also categorized Celebrity Workouts. There you'll find Bodyweight Workouts made ​​by celebrities. First up are two of the biggest bloggers in Sweden, Cecilia Folkesson, nutrition counselor who writes about natural food, health, and especially training and Karin Haglund, health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, author and raw food motivator and spokes person. 

Cecilia is pregnant and has created her own workout routine especially for pregnant women. Karin has focused on a Full Body Start Up workout suitable for everyone! For those of you who haven't downloaded the app yet - Click here >> .

Good luck with your training!