Raw Food and my Tip of the Day

Posted on May 09, 2014 by Anna-Maria Båth

Raw Food - so good! Right now there are just one lunch restaurant that we eat at in Boras - the Raw food cafe. I am happy to say that Raw Food has advanced a lot since the the shredded carrots and cabbage which was advocated when I was younger. The café's lunch buffet is so amazing that it almost feels strange that it can be healthy!

For those of you who know me you know that I love food. I love reading about food, cooking, and especially eating food. Lucky for me that I am as interested in fitness and health, otherwise I would be a natural participant in Biggest Loser ☺.

At home, we eat everything, follows no specific diet, nor are we vegans or vegetarians. We're probably a little bit of everything. We probably eat less meat and more vegetables than others, trying to get as much Superfood as possible but most importantly is that we try to make sure to enjoy our food, which will give the good nutrition and energy to keep up the active lifestyle we want.

Raw Food is clean food and hasn't been heated to more than a maximum of 42 degrees, in order to retain as much nutrients as possible. The food should also be organic, unprocessed, and of course it should not be genetically modified.

Both I and Kennet think we feel very good when we eat Raw food, and maybe it's like those rawfood-enthusiasts says, that the enzymes in raw food stimulates the body's own enzymes and strengthens the body from the inside so that the body itself will be able to heal. Anyway - the food tastes good and makes me feel good, what more could you ask for?

Today's tip is my spirulizer, a cookware that makes spaghetti-like bands of vegetables like squash, carrots or beets. Our fave right now is the spirals of squash mixed with artichoke white pesto. YUM!