Bodyweight Training

Posted on June 03, 2014 by Anna-Maria Båth

Bodyweight Training means using one's own bodyweight as the primary tool or resistance in training, hence the name Bodyweight Training. You can either work out only with the body, or with the help of a smaller training gear. We advocate bodyweight workout with Bodyweight® Training System. Common exercises are (among many others): push-ups, pull-ups, core exercises, dips and squats. All of these exercises you can easily do at home, at the gym or even outdoors when weather permits.  


Bodyweight Training a very flexible form of exercise in comparison to working with machines. You use your body and you can practice high-intensity, low-intensity, endurance training or strength training - you choose.

Before exercising, make sure you set up your Bodyweight Training System correctly, use the door anchor or the ceiling mount if your indoors and if you're working our outdoors you easily attach the straps on to any tree, light or goal pole or similar, just always be assure it can support your bodyweight.

If you haven't used the Bodyweight® Training System before, we recommend you to download our exercises, either from the website or in the app. If you don't have an iPhone you can download theWhite Guide where all the exercises can be found as well!

It is important to perform the exercises correctly, not only to avoid injuries but also to achieve the results you want.

The optimal way to get a good physical health, burn fat, lose weight, get fitter and build muscle is to combine different types of exercise, such as cardio exercise with strength training. Strength training is the best there is when it comes to strengthening your body and building muscle.

The benefits of weight training are numerous. You can do it almost anywhere, you minimize the risk of injury, improving your agility, balance, stamina and increases muscle strength. Exercise gives you even more energy and vitality. It also increases the energy consumption in your body so it helps your body burn that unnecessary fat we tend to carrie along.

You should train continuously for best results, so be sure to get active in some way every day. The best way to succeed is to see the workout and exercise time as some thing that you deserve. Its not a punishment, its a reward, to have the time to nourish your health!

Why not start training hard and discover how fun it is, especially when you start seeing the results of what you do.

Think of the big picture, workout and train hard, eat healthy and nutrional and be sure to rest in between. It will do you good! Fitness and Exercise is important for everyone. To have more energy, feel better and live a healthy life gives better quality of life. 

Good Luck!