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Posted on April 24, 2014 by Anna-Maria Båth

When we created the Bodyweight training system, we decided early on that we would create a Bodyweight app. An app that makes the workout even easier, which is easy to use, where you could see the exercises both as pictures and movies. Now it's done and we hope that you will like it as much as we do! Download the app for free at the App store.

All movies shows the exercise first from the front and then from the side, so that there should be no difficulty for you to perform an exercise, even if it 's your first time . We have also chosen to create body part groups for all the exercises, so you’ll know which body part you are training, when you do the exercise.

When using the app you can follow the workouts that we have already created, but you can also create their own workout routines, it’s really easy:

1. What exercises you want to do.
2. How many sets you want to do on each exercise.
3. How many seconds each set should be
4. How much rest you want between sets.

If you want to do a HIIT (high-intensity training), you have to workout with relatively high intensity during to whole time, high pulse, and minimal rest in between exercises. My suggestion is then to select:

1. Choose exercises that you want to do.
2. Number of sets: 3
3. 30 seconds per set.
4. 20 seconds resting time in between.

If you do not have an iPhone, you can download our White Guide. There you ’ll find  pictures of all the exercises and explanatory text . If you want to see the exercises "live" you can watch our Youtube Channel. All the exercises is there, and soon we will also fill up with new material, films with more exercises and new workout routines.

If you have a different smartphone and not an iPhone, please hang in there, we will soon update our app so you can download it for Android as well!