Welcome to Bodyweight®

Using the Bodyweight® Training System, you can implement both strength training and functional training for a complete body workout. You can work on strength training by utilizing one muscle group at a time with fewer repetitions or you can perform exercises that activate multiple muscle groups for a more functional form of training. 

The actual product consist of two training straps. The mount on one end of the straps can be easily fastened into a door or ceiling for full stability. The handles on the other end of the straps are made of grooved rubber in order to decrease the risk of your hands slipping while performing exercises. The strap loops connected to the handles are generously sized in order to prevent abrasion on the skin and better facilitate the mobility of the hands, wrists and arms during a workout. 

The Bodyweight® straps are specifically designed in such a way where the feet can be securely placed in proportional loops under the handles, which will cradle the feet without the risk of them slipping out during certain exercises. 

Thousands of people at all fitness levels use suspension bands in their workout routine. From everyday people who just want to feel and look their best to some of the worlds' most elite athletes.